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This is a beautiful work of literature and every word you use in this is so powerful and I can get a very clean picture of everything i...

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I think you did an excellent job on this picture. The way you drew is really cool. I really like your drawing and the balloons make it ...

Journal History


The sat through the whole magic show. Eddy even went up to assist his favorite magician for one of his tricks.

Before that they they went out to lunch. That was where Edd surprised with a Barry White record. It was the only one that he didn't have.

Edd couldn't remember the last time he saw Eddy so happy. Last year, he didn't want anyone to care about his birthday. Instead of celebrating he made up a scam which actually worked. He couldn't help, but remember how anxious Eddy was. He'd always been afraid of growning up. That was before finding his brother. Eddy went through such a tough year, battling his anxiety and coming to accept that he needed to move on.

The whole audience clapped once the performance was over. Before he was going to leave th stage, Eddy was asked to stay so the magician could give him his autograph.

Edd's breath caught in his throat.

He grasped his throat, trying to breathe.

A tickle tortured him in his throat.

Edd began coughing, but it wasn't one of those soft coughs. It caught the attention of others.

Eddy turned around only to find Edd trying to escape without anyone noticing.

As soon as he was in the lobby Edd felt as if his head was going to explode. He eye sight became blurred as he choked through the coughs.

He was so out of it that he didn't realize Eddy was by his side.

"Are you alright?" Eddy asked with all the worry in his voice.

"Yes, Eddy, just one of those pesky tickles disturbing my throat. I'm much better now."

Eddy was still practically holding his friend up. Edd blinked the tears away and was practically shaking.

"Come on, let's go." Eddy said pulling Edd towards the doors.

"But, eddy, the show isn't finished yet." Edd protested.

"Have you looked at yourself? You look terrible."

"Eddy, I feel fine." Edd knew he was pushing himself. This was not like him to avoid an illness. He was only faking being well for Eddy's sake.

"I don't mind taking you home if..."

"There is much to do, Eddy. The show is almost finished and after that I have an even bigger surprise for you."

Eddy smiled, but couldn't help feeling that all these gifts were so unnecessary. Edd didn't need to be doing all this. And he was suspicious that Ed wasn't here. Surely, Edd had something planned.

The next thing Edd took him to was the new and improved gag factory. Eddy's face lit up at this. It turned out when they caused an uproar at the closed down factory last year it came back into existance. Thanks to the Eds, the gag factory was up and running again with all sorts of brand new gags.

Eddy could have spent all day in this place, but he was worried about Edd. He was sneezing into a tissue. His face became more pale and he was more slow.

He felt bad that Edd was doing all this for him while feeling under the weather. They'd been walking all over town the whole day.

Without trying to look obvious, Eddy made his trip quick.

"This has been really fun, Double D, but I think it's time we go home." Eddy said leading his coughing friend outside.

"Splendid idea, Eddy. I was just going to suggest that." That was the truth, but Edd had different intentions.

They walked all the way back to the cul-de-sac. Edd tried to distract Eddy with conversations, but Eddy was practically holding him up. Edd was barrating himseld for putting danger to his own health.

"Can we sit on the porch for a bit? I asked Ed to come over."

Eddy heaved a sigh. "Okay, but you're going straight to your room after."

Edd felt honored by all this chivalry. Eddy really has grown throughout the year.

As soon as they slid the door open, they were met with an ecstatic scene.

"Surprise!" Everyone yelled.

The whole yard was set up with so many party streamers, food, and everyone in the cul-de-sac was here. Eddy had to admit that he was taken aback. He never had a party like this. Things really were changing for the better.

Ed hoisted Eddy on his shoulders and danced around the yard. Ed even made his friend a paper crown.

As they were all enjoying their time, Edd snuck inside.

He needed medicine to get him through the evening. He had a major headache, his nose was all blocked up and his throat was so scratchy adding to his difficulty to breathe.

Edd rummaged through the cabinet.

He found exactly what he was looking for, but where was the little measuring cup? His family always kept everything in such perfect order. How could they lose something so...

"Double D?"

"Without thinking, Edd gulped down two gulps of the medicine.

"Hello, Eddy!" He said immediately hiding the medicine bottle behind his back.

"What are you doing?" Eddy asked.

"Oh, I was... um, remember how father kept a can od gingerail in the medicine cabinet. Come on, lets get back to the party."

Deep down, Edd worried about what he just did. Drinkinng too much cold medicine had dire consequences. But, that was just him being paranoid. Edd was starting to feel better already.
Birthday Ed Chapter 2
Edd's cold is getting worse as he takes Eddy all around the town.
"No, Ed, hang the sign up here. It will go perfectly on my porch." Edd instructed.

Edd looked over his whole backyard. Everyone was pitching in for the party that was going to be happening. Eddy was turning fourteen today. He deserved a big birthday celebration after everything he'd been through in the past year. Edd wanted it to be perfect.

"Ed, make sure the sign is hooked on right. Kevin, can you please set up four rows of chairs facing my deck. Oh, Nazz, do you have... Jonny, stop playing with those balloons. I got them this morning and... ah-ah-choo!"

"Bless you, Double D."

"Thank you, Ed." his voice sounded strange, like us nose was stuffed up.

"Double D Ed boy, why do you sound as though you have turnip stuck up your nose?" Rolf asked.

"You sound sick, Double D." Jimmy said.

Edd had to admit that he felt under the weather. He hated being sick, but today was a special day. He'd worry about himself once this day was over.

"I am counting on all of you to have everything set up once I return with Eddy later. Oh, he's going to be so happy. I can see him smiling now."

It was eleven o clock on the dot. For once he was glad that Eddy slept so late to give him time to guide the set up of the party.

He peaked into Eddy's room.

Eddy was just starting to wake up.

Edd exploded into the room announcing happy birthday and throwing confetti from his pockets.

"Wow, thanks, Double D." Edd said, but he was a tad perplexed.

"You deserve the best today, Eddy!" Edd said in the process of vaccuuming up all the confetti. "I have planned a special outing for us today."

Eddy looked around the room, even outside. "So, where's Ed?"

"Oh, he'll be joining us later. Why don't you put on this new suit I bought for you."

Eddy's eyes grew at what he saw. "Is that what I think it is?"

"Correct! It is a relpica of your favorite musicians suit. I had the store make trim down the size of the suit so you'd..." Edd coughed. "So you's..." he coughed again. It was one of those hoarse coughs that didn't sound right.

"Uh, you got a frog stuck in your throat?" Eddy asked appearing out from the bathroom.

"Oh, that suit looks wonderful on you." Edd said trying to avoid the conversation. "It looks wonderful for the show today."


Edd surprised him with tickets for his favorite magician. "You actually got tickets?"

"I want to make this the best day for you, Eddy. You deserve it." Edd said sniffling.

"Are you sure you're okay? Your cheeks look flushed."

"Enough about me, Eddy. This is your day. Come on!" Edd said pulling him throughout the streets.
Birthday Ed
Everyone has seen the Frozen short, Frozen Fever, right? I had an idea and I wanted to write it.
“Edd, we need to talk.” Eddy said pulling his friend into a quiet space from the dance.

“Is everything alright, Eddy? You looked out of sorts a while ago.”

“I’m okay now, I was just overthinking.” Eddy said. “But, I really want to talk to you.”

“Sure, Eddy, anything.”

Eddy stared into his eyes. He’d been backing out of this conversation for some time. After this they were going off to college and then there’d be no more opportunities.

“Do you like me?”

Edd was hesitant. He saw him raise his eyes at the question, but it wasn’t in a sheer amount of surprise.

“Well, of course, Eddy. You’re my best friend. Is this about how far I am going away to college? I’ve told you that this college fullfills the major that I am looking for and…”

“I don’t mean like that.” Eddy interrupted. “I mean as in love.”

It took a moment for Edd to hear this right. “Love?”

Eddy took a breath before going deeper into this conversation. “Look, I have been thinking for a long time, years in fact, and I have finally come to acception that I am gay. I really want everyone to know before our lives change in a few months.”

Edd gave him the most endearing smile that made Eddy’s heart melt. He was always here to encourage him no matter what. That’s what he loved about Edd.

“I’m happy for you, Eddy. That doesn’t change a thing.”

“But, what about you?” Eddy asked.


“How do you feel about me? Do you feel the same way?” Eddy asked.

“As in, do I have feelings for you?” Edd paused at the question seeing Eddy nod. “Eddy, this isn’t something I should…”

“Why, because your parents won’t accept it? When have they ever been happy with all your successes. This is you we’re talking about, not them!”

Edd began twiddling his fingers, nervous to reply. “Well… it has been a question that has penetrated my mind often and… I’m very unsure of… oh, what are you trying to cross examine, Eddy?” He was growing frustrated. Edd was confused by the feelings he felt. For years he denied his crush on Eddy. He didn’t want this to come back to haunt him.

“Do you love me?” Eddy shouted.

They were silent, staring at one another. Eddy was holding Edd by his arms. He wanted to get inside his mind so he could figure him out, why for all these years he was still trying to rely on his parents for support. That’s what Eddy has been doing all this time.

“Do you remember when Kevin made me kiss you?” Eddy asked.

“Yes. Why are you bringing that up?”

“How come we never talked about it?”

“We never did?” Edd asked in surprise.

“No, we let it go as if it were nothing.”

“Because it should have never happened.”

“No, it brought out my true feelings, and yours too. What did you feel about that kiss?” Eddy asked trying to pound information out of him.

Edd was trying to get away. He wanted to avoid this conversation. Those unbearable questions and feelings were coming back to him. Edd was done thinking about this topic a long time ago. He was going into a new life soon where the past didn’t matter.

“I don’t apprehend with what you’re trying to put in my head!” Edd yelled now grasping his head.

“You know what I am trying to say to you!” Edd said taking his hands away from his face. “I know how your parents raised you and believe me, I don’t think it’s right either. They don’t want you to have a free mind. I know that’s the reason why you picked to go to a college so far away. You want to think for yourself and you’re already doing a good job of that. I am happy for you. I just want you to realize your feelings until you never do. There is so much more to you, Edd.”

Eddy looked as if he came across to Edd, but he was scared. Edd had always been scared. His parents filled his head with nonsensical things. They never wanted any part in his life all because of an incident from his childhood.

“Why are you saying this to me?”

“Because I love you, God damn it!”

Without warning, Eddy took Edd by his head and smashed their lips together.

Edd was taken aback. He started freaking out. This wasn’t natural.

He grabbed Eddy’s arms going to pull him away, when he didn’t.

The kiss felt so right. It was different. He felt a sensation moving throughout his body.

Slowly, Edd wrapped his arms around Eddy deepening the kiss.

When it was over they opened their eyes and stared at one another. Edd was surprised as he stared into Eddy’s eyes. They still hadn’t let go of one another.

“You love me.” Edd said smiling the biggest he ever smiled.

“Yes. You’ve done everything for me, and I want to do the same for you. You’re more then what your parents think of you.”

Edd’s eyes filled with tears. “Oh, Eddy…” And for once he was speechless.

The dance didn’t feel so important anymore as they had each other.
True Feelings
Eddy has a talk with Edd.

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“Can you believe that we won best couple?” Eddy said to Edd once they parked outside his house.

“It feels like a dream. But, it’s nice to know that the world is opening up.”

They got out from the car and walked to Eddy’s room. Edd’s heart fluttered at how Eddy held his hand. Three years ago he’d never been physically affectionate like this.

The sad part came when they came to Eddy’s door. It was too perfect of a night to end.

“I had fun tonight, Eddy.” Edd said.

“Don’t you want to come in for a bit?” Eddy asked.

“Gosh, Eddy, it’s a tad late…”

“Tad? It’s 10:30.” Eddy smirked.

Edd smiled. His parents weren’t even home tonight. What would they care?

They went inside. The first thing Edd caught site of was the disco ball. He remembered dancing so close to Eddy, staring into his eyes. They never broke eye contact.

“I wish tonight didn’t have to end.” Edd said.

Just then Eddy turned on a record. Slow music filled the room. Eddy approached him in a suave manor and held out his hand.

“May I have this last dance?”

Edd smiled. Eddy always knew what he wanted.

Edd lost all touch with reality. All his problems left. They spent the best three years together. He and Eddy were still the same, only more open with one another. They always saw one another and went on adventures. Ed tagged along. It felt as if nothing had changed. They were still the three best friends.

They held one another closely. Eddy loved the scent from Eddy’s body. He got used to the man spray that he always wore.

Just theslightest touch of Edd’s skin made Eddy’s body tingle.

They slowly swayed from side to side, as they never broke eye contact.

The song was coming to an end.

Their foreheads were close together. This was the same thing that happened at the dance, except everyone clapped for them.

Both of them remembered how they almost kissed.

They never kissed one another very much. Their relationship was mainly about them. But, deep inside, he wished they could have more romance.

Eddy touched Edd’s face and kissed him.

When Eddy was going to stop, Edd pulled him back. They continued kissing one another until they got more serious. Edd’s body shook when Eddy’s tongue went through his mouth.

Edd seperated. “Eddy,” He was breathless.

“What? I’m sorry, did I make your unvomfortable?” Eddy asked knowing he should have taken things more slow.

“I’m ready.”

“Really, are you sure?”


Edd denied Eddy’s request to have sex two years ago, believing them not to be ready. But, Edd felt that this was the right time.

Eddy smiled. “Okay.”

They started kissing once more. Eddy untied Eddy’s bowtie and then his suit.

Edd was slow, feeling overwhelmed by all the kissing. He felt like he couldn’t breathe, but at the same time he felt happy. This feeling was so new to him and yet it felt so right.

Each of them held one another, feeling their soft skin against their bodies. Eddy felt warm with Edd’s hands smoothing up and down his chest.

They collapsed on to the bed.

Edd’s breath got caught when Eddy began kissing the side of his neck. He kissed him down his neck and to his chest.

Edd felt so safe.

His parents sheltered him from the world all because of what he did in elementary school. They told him being along was the best life their was. They were only saying that to hide how much he embarrassed them.

And he believed them and went with it. He believed being along was better then having friends. He could have been friends with Ed and Eddy when he first met them. He lacked social skills that it was so embarrassing to look back on himself in the old days.

What his parents said to him felt as if it went for love too. His parents rarely showed any affection towards him. They did care, but not enough.

Eddy unzipped Edd’s pants.

Edd let out a moan.

This was love. He never realized that somebody loved him, until now. Their was always love in friendship and he knew what that felt like.

He felt as if he was going to pass out from all this pleasure. He gripped the pillpw having tears fall from his eyes. He wasn’t uncomfortable, it was the thoughts of his parents that made him so emotional.

“Edd?” Eddy asked panicked when he heard him crying. He knew he went too far. Edd was so sensitive. He layed against the pillow next to him. “I’m sorry, did I make you uncomfortable?”

“N-No, I adored it. I was just recollecting on what Mother and Father said to me about love. But, what do they know? They hardly want to be a part of my life. Oh, Eddy, I love you.”

He kissed him so deeply. This kiss was so meaningful.

Eddy placed his hand on Edd’s cheek, rubbing it softly. “I love you, too.” Eddy felt overjoyed to hear someone, other then his parents, say that they loved him. The first half of his life he went every day living in hatred. None of the kids in the cul-de-sac liked who he was. For some time he hated himself. The first person to make him feel different about himself was Edd.

A tear also fell from his eye. “I love you.” he said again.

“I love you.”

And they started kissing once more feeling more then happy to be alive tonight.
This was a request from tumblr. I'm happy with the turnouts of it because I never write anything like this. I hope you like it! I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING.
‘I’d rather face my consequeses, Ed, the wander aimlessly with a so called friend!’

“Is something bothering you, Eddy?” Edd asked.

They were in Edd’s room. Ed was still grounded from leaving without telling anyone a few days ago. He and Edd were hanging around actually having a normal conversation. It was when Edd noticed that Eddy hadn’t even said a thing in a while was when he grew concerned.


“Eddy…” Edd nagged.

“Okay, okay, I’m just thinking.” Eddy spat.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

Eddy stared into his eyes. He sat right next to him on the bed.

“It’s about a few days ago.”

“Oh, Eddy, don’t think about your brother. It’s best to move on from those traumatic memories.”

Eddy nodded. “I know.”

They were silent. Edd stared at Eddy to see him lost in thought still.

“There’s something else, isn’t there?” Edd said to him.

He looked to the side, but he couldn’t avoid this conversation any longer.

“Look, are you still made about, you know?”

“You’ll have to be more specific, Eddy.”

Eddy groaned and immediately ssaid, “The prank at the swamp!”

Edd blinked. “Oh.”

“I just, I just didn’t know if you wanted to talk about it or not.”

“We have been avoiding it.” Edd said uncomfortably repositioning himself.

There was that uneasy silence. They never had conversations like this before.

“Look,” Eddy started off rather turse. “My brother told me that people’s feelings don’t mean a thing, and I know that’s stupid. I still don’t have a clue how emotions work, but I know what I did was wrong. That prank was way out of line, I should never have talked Ed into doing it with me. I-I… will never do it again… and I-I am…”

Eddy’s cheeks grew red. “Do you understand what I’m trying to say?”

“Yes.” Edd nodded.

Eddy’s eyes shifted around, still not satisfied with the answer.

“I’m sorry I walked away.” Edd said.

“You don’t have to be sorry for that.” Eddy’s voice was once again hoarse.

“But, Eddy, it made you…”

“Cry, yeah, I know. Now can we not talk about this anymore?!”

Edd took him by his hand and held it. “No, we need to talk about it. That’s why I came back.”

“You came back because I was crying?”

“If you didn’t start crying I wouldn’t have come back. You saved me from walked back to the cul-de-sac on my own. And you saved us.”

“Us?” Eddy asked raising an eyebrow.

“You, Ed and I.”

“Oh, yeah, I did. But, I still don’t understand why you came back.”

“You showed me how you really care about me. I was starting to believe that you didn’t.” Edd’s face dipped when he said this.

Eddy suddenly gripped his hand tighter and put his other on Edd’s shoulder. “No, I do. I’m really…. I just forget that…. look, I will never do something like that ever again.” He stammered.

“I’m glad to hear it.” Edd smiled.

Eddy stared into his eyes. They were so close to one anothers faces.

“Wow.” Edd said.


“I never noticed how beautiful your eyes are.”


Their lips touched.

And then pulled away in the speed of light.

“Good lord!”

“Jumpin’ Geronimo!”

Edd pulled his hat over his rose red face while Eddy ran from the room.
Edd and Eddy's Talk
Edd and Eddy have a talk about the fight they had in the swamp.
Hi All!

It's been a lon time since I updated my journal.

Everything has been going well. I have a great second semester at Endicott. I was in a production of Wizard of Oz and it was the most fun I ever had! My classes were great as well, I'd say Shakespeare was the best.

I'm working at a Music Theater for the summer and I also have a dog care job. I'm going to be in this production of The Pajama Game. I can't believe I'm going to be 21 this summer! Time goes by so fast!

I hope all of you have been well! If any of you have a tumblr, here is the link for mine:…
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I am a student at Endicott College and I love to write stories. Writing has been my blood since I was 11 and I want to be an author some day. I LOVE Disney/Pixar, mostly UP and Toy Story. I am also a major fan of Ed, Edd n Eddy! I'm majoring in English: Creative Writing and it is so much fun.

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